Presentation of Letters of Credence to the French Republic

Ambassador Camões presented his Letter of Credence to His Excellency President Emmanuel Macron, alongside twenty-five other ambassadors from various countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. The ceremony took place at the Élysée Palace on February 29, 2024.

Following the presentation of the Letter of Credence, the Ambassador had a brief conversation with Mr. President Macron. The President acknowledged the productive discussion he held with President Horta on January 24, 2024, and reiterated his commitment to personally engage in the matter discussed and shared with President Horta. The president then requested that the ambassador also convey his warm greetings to President Ramos-Horta. “Please convey my warmest regards to President Horta,” President Macron stated. President Macron additional expressed his admiration for President Horta’s active role in international affairs.

Please convey my warmest regards to President Horta

During their short conversation, the Ambassador also equally expressed to President Macron his Timorese counterpart’s satisfaction, as well as the desire to collaborate with President Macron in promoting shared values and international initiatives*. A similar message was also conveyed to His
Excellency Stéphane Séjourné, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France, who briefly escorted the Ambassador out of the event venue.

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